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    BSEB Scheduled Activities:
    No Scheduled Events.

    Important Links
    Policies and Procedures
    ssr 下载 Student Handbook
    电脑下载ssr Medical Student Wellness
    ssr 下载 Academic Calendars & Rotation Dates
    CoM Absence request/verification form

    Financial Aid and Student Debt
    The following links are provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges:
    电脑ssr软件 Financial Information, Resources, Services & Tools (FIRST)

    Other Aid Links
    电脑版ssr如何使用 OK Physician Manpower Training Comm.

    Online Class Calendars
    MS1:2024 Fall Semester
    MS2:2024 Fall Semester
    MS1:2024 Spring Semester
    MS2:2024 Spring Semester

    Smartphone Calendar Views
    MS1 Fall 2024
    MS2 Fall 2024
    MS1 Spring 2024
    MS2 Spring 2024
    MS1 Fall 2024
    MS2 Fall 2024
    MS1 Spring 2024
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    Bedlam L Calendar
    Bedlam L Calendar

    Career and Match Advising
    Career Advising Calendar
    Career Advising Database and Contacts

    Student Class Composites
    电脑下载ssr Class of 2024 OKC
    电脑ssr软件 Class of 2024 Tulsa
     Class of 2021 OKC
     Class of 2021 Tulsa
    电脑ssr软件 Class of 2022 OKC
    电脑版ssr如何使用 Class of 2022 Tulsa
     Class of 2024 OKC
    ssr 下载 Class of 2024 Tulsa

    White Coat Ceremony
    OU COM Class of 2024

    Hippocrates Help Desk
    Any problems or comments regarding this website, the module PCs or the BSEB network may be directed to: » 电脑下载ssr

    Campus IT Service Desk
    For questions involving your email account, password, or campus network access from home, call 271-2203. » Campus IT Online Service

    Other Information:
    • Map to BSEB
    • Map of BSEB Modules and Study Spaces
    • HIPAA Training

    Other OU Campus Websites:
    OUHSC: OKC Campus
    College of Medicine
    • R. M. Bird Library
    • Continuing Medical Education
    • 电脑下载ssr
    • OUHSC: Tulsa Campus
    • OU: Norman Campus
    • OU: Tulsa Campus

    The following applies to duplicating material from Hippocrates via the web, ftp, the BSEB network, or CDROM. Important! Students (and faculty) should not copy any part of any commercial teaching program that the College of Medicine has purchased. This includes but is not limited to the Andromeda Cardiovascular Series, the Heart Sounds Program, Netters Interactive Atlas, the Nutrition Programs, and the Imaging Atlas of Anatomy. Students must purchase these programs if they wish to run these programs from their personal computers. Purchasing information is available from any of the local medical bookstores.
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